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        2021-2022 學年寒假放假及新學期開學通知
        Notice of Winter Holiday & New Semester for Year 2021-2022

        來源: 發布時間:2022-01-18 13:18:34 瀏覽次數: 【字體:

        根據江蘇省教育廳《關于做好 2022 年中小學幼兒園寒假工作的通知》,結合《蘇州市疫情防控 2022 年第 1 號通告》及上級主管部門最新精神,經學校防疫防控應急組研究決定,對寒假放假及新學期開學作如下安排:

        In compliance with the latest notification from the Jiangsu Education Bureau, and the newest local policies including No. 1 [2022] Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control of Suzhou, SIPFLS Working Party for Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control offers a specific plan for the Winter Holiday, as well as the beginning of the new semester.

        一、1 月 21 日(星期五)14:00,全校教職工大會(藝術大廳)

        January 21st 2022 (Fri.). 14:00PM All-staff meeting will take place in the Auditorium.

        二、如無特殊情況,寒假時間:1 月 22 日(星期六)至 2 月 13 日(星期日)

        Unless there are special circumstances, the winter holiday is scheduled from January 22nd (Sat.) to February 13th 2022(Sun.).

        三、2 月 10 日(星期四)全體行政后勤上班

        February 10th 2022(Thur.) All administrative staff will resume work.

        2 月 11 日(星期五)全體教職工報到,14:00 新學期教職工大會(藝術大廳)

        February 11th 2022(Fri.)  All teachers and staff will resume work.  All-staff Meeting will take place in the Auditorium at 14:00 .

        2 月 14 日(星期一)新學期開學上課

        February 14th 2022(Mon.) School will re-open and the new semester will start.

        四、假期建議 Holiday Recommendations

        1.提倡留蘇過年、就地過年,非必要不出蘇州市。確需出蘇州市的教職工,請提前在OA 提交《離蘇申請審批表》,須經學校審批完成后方可離蘇。

        We call on all teachers and staff not to leave Suzhou around the Spring Festival. Please avoid leaving Suzhou unless it ’ s necessary. Prior approval is requested if anyone has to

        leave Suzhou, including submitting a Leave (Suzhou) Application Form via OA in advance and receiving formal permission from the school.


        During the holiday, all teachers and staff shall cooperate with our health policy and submit daily reports in time. If any employees or their cohabitants have uncomfortable symptoms

        such as fever, cough, diarrhea or fatigue, they must immediately go to the nearest hospital or clinics, meanwhile informing the school and cooperating with follow-up inspections if



        All teachers and staff should continue their self-protection efforts and keep up the “Three Precautions against the Epidemic”, namely wearing face masks, practicing social distancing

        and maintaining good hygiene. Please bear in mind the “Six To-dos Still Needed.” we still need to put on face masks, keep social distancing, cover mouth and nose when coughing or

        sneezing, wash hands often, open windows for ventilation, and get vaccinated on time.

        五、返校查驗 Re-entry Policy

        返校前,學校會根據防疫政策查驗蘇康碼、行程卡等信息。返校前 14 天開始,做好每天的體溫檢測和記錄,并在返校當天提交紙質版《教職工健康信息表和承諾書》。

        We will establish a re-entry policy including a Jiangsu Health Code and 14-day Travel Record in line with the latest official requirements. For all teachers and staff, they have to record their daily body temperature within 14 days before their return, and submit the Health Declaration Form and Letter of Commitment (paper version) on the back-to-school day.


        For those travelers who return from medium-risk or high-risk areas, they shall not return to school temporarily.


        Travelers will have to bear expenses for their quarantine and nucleic acid tests by themselves according to the epidemic policies. In addition, any quarantine time will be seen

        as personal leave. If any teacher or staff cannot resume work on time due to unauthorized travels, the school reserves the right to take legal action.

        如需核酸檢測證明,可自行在微信小程序“蘇州工業園區一網通辦”或者微信公眾號“蘇州衛生 12320”平臺預約檢測。

        To reserve a nucleic acid test, you can use WeChat Mini Program "蘇州工業園區一網通辦" or WeChat Official Account Platform "蘇州衛生 12320" .


        We will notify you of the latest travel recommendations as soon as the Headquarters for Epidemic Prevention and Control or Education Bureau releases any new policies in the

        future. The latest edition shall prevail for all purposes.


        We wish you and your family good health and happiness in 2022! Happy Spring Festival!


        SIP Foreign Language School


        January 13th 2022

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