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        幼兒園部招生信息(Admissions Information):

        1、招生范圍: 2—6周歲學生(中國大陸學生、港澳臺地區、韓國、日本、歐美、東南亞地區等國家學生) Enrollment range: 2-6 years old students (Students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Korea, Japan, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries).

        2、招生人數:托班:22人/班,1個班; 小班 4個班,26人/班;中班1個班,26人/班;大班一個班,26人/班。 Pre-K: 22 Students per Class, One Class; K1: 26 Students per Class, Four Classes; K2: 26 Students per Class, One Class; K3: 26 Students per Class, One Class.




        SIPFLS Kindergarten delivers a competitive early-year program for our youngest learners, incorporating the finest in traditional Chinese culture with advanced educational philosophies and modern pedagogical practices from the West. We seek to offer a balanced curriculum with a wide range of topic-based activities, multiple fun games and Self-reliance Education program. Language development, inquiry-based learning and social practices are highly emphasised at SIPFLS. We put our students at the heart of our decisions, and our teachers are all committed to stimulating children’s learning enthusiasm and developing learner autonomy at all times. 

        Each year our students are fully engaged in various campus activities, including social practices, open days, sports meetings, festivals & events, graduation ceremony and Self-reliance Education program. These opportunities can be also seen as platforms to spark self-discovery and adventure in children. 

        幼兒園環境設施(Kindergarten Environment Facility):


          Every classroom has an individual living area, rest area and private bathroom. Kids could have activities and play games in the classrooms. Also, our classrooms are equipped with multi-media computers and pianos, so that the kids have a diverse teaching environment.


        Teachers:All of our Chinese teachers in the kindergarten are qualified and certified. They all have at least a bachelor’s degree ,and at least 3 years of teaching experience. Our teachers are very young; some of them play motherly roles in their own families, which make them capable of providing a nurturing environment for the children at our kindergarten. Your children will like our dynamic and loving staff.




          School curriculum: Our curricula offer a supporting curriculum and multi-domain learning with bilingual research, integration of activities, multicultural perspective and habit formation. Our courses are based on five core principles not limited to linguistic skills, studying through playing, and total consideration about the kids’character. We lead the children to explore the world by themselves, and our children will be taught in a fundamental way.

        Traits of our curricula:Multi-faceted intelligence, natural, healthy, harmonious , open-mindedness, life, humanity, aesthetic standard, and interest.



        電話:(86)0512-62898668 (86)0512-62898778

        手機:18015581668 18015581878


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